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The Transparent Truth, (with screenshots) About Wealth Creation…



Well today we get to dive into the “good stuff”…leverage, and how you can use it to literally turn your life around.

In fact, I am going to show you how I was able to grow $200 to $2.5 million by using nothing but leverage.

The unfortunately reality is that 97% of the world is busy “making a living” without having the faintest idea as to what they are really doing…

There’s the “get a good college degree, get a high-paying job, work for 40 years and then retire to live your golden years” philosophy…

And then there’s the “understand how money works and use money, people and systems to get rich” school of thought…

As I’m fond of saying, there’s the “amateur” way of creating wealth, and the “professional” way…

In fact, let’s talk a little bit about my online businesses (I have 3). 

Here’s a screenshot of one of my Aweber (email autoresponder) account, which is just a fancy way of saying “Here’s where everyone who signs up for my stuff goes…”

I have had 13 new people sign up to my services today – 19 people did yesterday. 

Just to bring it into perspective, many of these people sign up for monthly services (SEO, lead generation, wealth creation, personal coaching) and pay me anywhere between $37 to $3,000 per month.

I have a total of 2,067 subscribers currently so you can do the math…


You may have noticed that all of these online businesses are for the most part passive. 

Here’s how: 

1. Quantum SEO Labs: I provide online marketing services to small businesses in US and Canada. Whenever someone signs up, my team (and not I) do the marketing for them.

Around 45-50% of the revenue goes to me, passively.

2. Promote Dental: I work specifically with dentists and help bring in patients for their dental offices, so they can make more money. But here’s the interesting part – I don’t do anything else apart from setting up Facebook ad campaigns for them (since I am really good at it).

My team does everything else, customer services, deliverables, meeting deadlines, ensuring everything goes smoothly etc. 

Around 35% of the revenue goes to me, passively.

3. Wealth Kept: Yes, I am talking about my blog as well as the email course you are signed up to. When people sign up for the Wealth Mastery program, it is my team and not I who manages it (for the most part).

Since the program is designed to help everyone, I have priced it at $37/month so I don’t make a lot from it. 

Around 23% of the revenue goes to me, passively.  

Here’s a screenshot of the patients I am sending to Jim Crayne, who has been my client since 2010. He is a dentist and owns multiple clinics in Tijuana, Mexico.

This month alone we have generated 70+ Smile Makeover and Dental Implant leads for him, resulting in $13,000+ in revenue for him…

Here is one of his winning ads, which is goes viral in Las Vegas and getting a lot of people to fly down to Tijuana Mexico, to his dental clinic:

Yes, this ad campaign was designed by yours truly.  Here’s how I am helping a Homeopathy clinic absolutely dominate Toronto, a city of over 2.9 million people. As you can see, these campaigns have reached over 387,000 people in the GTA and have single-handedly allowed the clinic owner to create a new business from scratch. These ads have resulted in 2-3 new patients a day:

Here’s one of her best performing ads, which is going viral in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA):

As you probably already know, these online businesses do not take me a lot of time to set up and manage. 

This is because every business (or marketing campaign) of mine uses “leverage” very actively.. 

So how exactly do I use leverage?

Simple, I am using other peoples’ time, money and talents to increase my business’s revenue.

Either that or I am using automated systems to get the job done. 

See, I hire people for affordable rates from countries such as Pakistan, India, Philippines, South America and pay them anywhere between $4 to $12 per hour for their talents, which happens to be a lot in their countries…

My team gets paid decently so they’re happy…

And I get paid handsomely without exerting a lot of effort and without running from pillar to post everyday…

Which makes it a win-win proposition.

Let’s recap…

If you want to build permanent REAL wealth, you have to stop being other peoples’ leverage.

Here is what I mean by leverage:

– If you have a job, you are making the owner(s) of that company richer – you are their leverage  – If you have a high paying job (over $100,000/yr), you are making the government richer by paying them more in income taxes – you are their leverage  – If you are financially supporting your relatives, you are their leverage (this is unfortunately very common in countries like Pakistan)  – If you finance a BMW M3 with a price tag of $68,000, you are the car dealership’s leverage for the next 5-10 years.  – If you take a government loan to pursue higher education (for example, Dental, Medical or Law School), you are your government’s leverage for the long-haul.  

In stark contrast to this, people who know the “Game of Wealth” use leverage to their benefit every single day.

They invest in the right vehicles (nope, not in the BMW below, I’m talking about passive income vehicles such as dividend stocks, rental real estate, online and offline businesses etc). 

They use the right systems.

They get others to exert all the effort for them.

Towards that end, here is Rule #3: Use leverage to create endless passive income.

Here’s how it is done:

  1. If you create an online business which serves 1000 customers, you are using leverage because you do the work once and you benefit a lot of people. You generate passive income when you charge your customers every month, on auto-pilot.

Amy Porterfield (below) has been doing it for the last 10 years and is very successful at it.

  1. If you buy rental real estate, you generally put up a 20-30% down payment and the bank loans you the rest. This means that you are using other people’s money to make more money. Once you rent the property out for a monthly profit, you bring in passive income every month which is taxed at 0 percent (if you do it properly).

           If you look closely, you will see that in every single town and city around the world, there              are a few people who own many buildings (residential, warehouses, corporate). These            people are earning very decent incomes – but they did not start that way.  An example is Clayton Morris (below) of Morris Invest.

  1. If you buy the right dividend stocks, the dividend payments are passive income and can benefit you for decades (I am invested in Enbridge which has been paying increasing dividends for the last 27 years). This is a big part of what Warren Buffett (the second-richest person in the world) has been doing for the last 50 years.

 And his wealth has skyrocketed…

Once again, these folks are using leverage. 

So here’s how that is done…

The very first step that is required for you to create passive income, is ACQUIRING A NEW SKILL SET. 

There are 2 ways you can do that…

1. You can use trial and error and learn through the school of hard knocks – in fact, that is how I learnt all of it. The trouble here is that doing so will force you to lose a lot of money, time and most importantly, motivation (I lost $300,000 and countless nights of sleep figuring it out).

2. The second way to do it is by learning from someone who has already done it and knows what actually works in real life as opposed to “theory”. 

This is how anyone who is now rich, started.

Until you master this unique skill set, you will forever be stuck in the Rat Race, acting as leverage to the 3% who actually know how the “Game of Wealth” is played…

But once you become an expert at this skill set, sky’s the limit and the world becomes your oyster. 

And by the way, thank you for all the kind words and feedback about my first 2 emails – it brightens up my day when someone tells me they have improved their life because of what I sent their way…

I’m really glad you’re enjoying my emails – stay tuned for Part 4 tomorrow where we discuss the ONE laughably simple thing which is stopping you from endless wealth…

And yes, you can put it into use as soon as you read it…

That said, if you really want me to show you the EXACT step-by-step process of how I generated $2.5 million in (mostly) passive income, join Yasir Khan Wealth Mastery program today.

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