Ah, the age old problem – how to get more moolah in your pocket. It’s a quandary. Sure in the long term you can invest and eventually start to make more money. But what if you need a cash injection in the short term? What if you don’t have the money to invest? What if you’re staring at your screen and screaming, “show me the money!!!!”

Here are five of the easiest ways to make extra cash on the side (and don’t worry – they’re all legal. I’m not telling you to print money in your basement or pull a Walter White (but if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, seriously – do yourself a favor and spend a weekend binge watching. It’s awesome).

Ask for a Raise

No, I know – here at Wealth Kept we’re all about trying to do things unconventionally. But you know what? In the short term at least, being the better paid rat in the rat race can work in your favor. Hitting up your boss for a little somethin’ somethin’ extra can help you eventually quit the job altogether because it means you can save more.

Is this a scary thing to do? You better believe it is – especially if you’re the typical American living paycheck to paycheck (in which case you seriously need to do some reading here on how to get out of the rat race already and starting building some wealth). However, it is completely doable.

The way it works is that you need to examine what other people in your line of work earn. Are you already just about the highest paid employee in your industry? Sucks to be you because it makes asking for a raise much tougher unless you’re a superstar. However, if you don’t happen to be making as much as you could earn elsewhere, you have a good argument to make with the boss.

The first step is to examine how you add value to your company. If you’re in the sales department then your job (at least the part involved in getting a raise, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that making sales is easy – the old saying that buyers are liars is so very, very true) is super easy – you just have to be able to point to your sales numbers. Of course, if they suck, maybe you should be looking for another line of work or something else to sell.

If you work in another department, you need to figure out how your job adds to the bottom line at the company because let’s face it – that’s why you’re employed – to make money for the company. You may not be the person making the sales to customers but if you handle back office work or manufacturing or any number of other jobs, you are still involved in selling, albeit more indirectly.

Go to your boss armed with numbers to show what you do and how long it’s been since you last got a raise. Be polite but firm and be willing to negotiate. Generally, storming in and threatening to quit is not a good even if it might feel good to do so.

You can say that you did some research and this is what people in similar jobs get elsewhere but you don’t want to make your boss feel like his back is against the wall. After all, put yourself in his shoes – if you were the employer and someone was demanding a raise or else, you might just tell them to get lost.

And of course, if it happens that the boss is a jerk and just isn’t interested in getting you that raise even though you’ve been a good worker bee all these years then you know what? Maybe it is time to move on. Polish up the old resume and start quietly looking elsewhere. You’re worth it, aren’t you?

Get Into Freelancing

So the whole raise idea was a big bust. Sucks I know. But hey, you know what they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. If your lousy boss won’t give you a raise then you damn well better give yourself a raise. How? Simple – by freelancing.

Now I know what you’re thinking – my job doesn’t really let me freelance. I do XYZ for a living and it’s not the sort of thing I can freelance at. So what? You’re not thinking out of the box folks.

Freelancing doesn’t have to mean that you do your job somewhere else. It can mean doing something completely different. Get yourself a gig with Uber or https://www.lyft.com/if you own a car. Maybe do some babysitting. Know how to write well? Get some work in writing freelance. There are a million things you can do and even if you think you don’t have any special skills, you can find something to do.

Heck, if you really need money and don’t have much in the way of skills, now is the perfect time to do some freelancing. Go to Home Depot, buy yourself a snow shovel and offer to clear snow for people in the neighborhood. Glamorous? Nope. Good money? Meh. But it’s something you can do to get some extra cash in your pocket when you need it and it doesn’t require much in the way of skills.

Heck, there are millions of ideas for freelancing and you just have to pick one that works for your needs. The only thing holding you back is your own imagination so get your behind in gear and get yourself a freelance gig.

Create an Info Product

They say that about half of all Americans believe they have “at least one book in them.” Now while we’re not all going to write the Great Gatsby or Moby Dick (admit it – you never read either of them did you? You just saw the movies), you can certainly write about what you do know.

An info product is an awesome way to make money because you work once and then get paid multiple times. In essence, what you do is to write something about a subject you know well.

You’re a cashier in a supermarket? Hey, no probs – write up an info product talking about how and when to get the best deals in the supermarket (hint – look at the lower shelves. Supermarkets put their cheaper stuff there, except for the cereal aisle, where the expensive stuff is at kids’ eye level because they’re the ones choosing cereal).

Work as a salesman? Hey, write up some of your best sales techniques and sell the hell out of it. You know how to do it. Pretty much anything you know how to do can become a sellable info product.

The catch? You need to write something people are willing to buy. Every day on Facebook I see ads for ‘plans’ to write info products in an hour and make millions. I call bullsh*t every time. Like anything else, creating something worthwhile takes time and effort. You need to create something, polish it and make it something people will pay money for.

Not sure you’ve created something useful? Ask yourself – if I didn’t know jack about this subject and I wanted to know about it, is this something I would buy? Really? If you can’t honestly answer a resounding yes, dump that piece of crap and get it right.

You also need to think about marketing. There are already millions of info products out there on the marketplace and most of them are turds. It’s hard to get yourself noticed. One of the best ways to do it though is through the fremium model.

Check out this blog – you come here for the slightly acerbic free writing part of it but then you might consider buying some of the paid products too. Why? Because you see that we know what we’re talking about and you know that if the free stuff is this good then the paid stuff must be even better.

Think about doing joint ventures as well. There’s a whole website called The Warrior Forum which is devoted to helping people sell info products and to find people who will hawk your product to their email lists on your behalf.

You may have to give away 100% of the profits from the initial product that they hawk for you (yeah, it’s not easy to make money online anymore. Sucks you didn’t buy bitcoins a few years ago, right?) but they’re going to then sell the crap out of your product.

In exchange, you get a mailing list to whom you can sell future products and a mailing list is pure gold – it’s how you escape the rat race and start getting to be the guy placing the cheese.

Sell Stuff

This is probably the easiest thing of all to do – most Americans have all kinds of crap sitting around the house that they never use or think about. Get your camera phone out, build yourself a little white box (basically giant pieces of white craft paper fashioned into a box) and stick whatever you have for sale into it. Take a picture, make a good description and get that thing sold on eBay.

Got old designer clothes that don’t fit you anymore? eBay is a great place to get rid of ‘em and get yourself some extra moolah while freeing up closet space. Trust me – it’s really freeing not to be tripping over all your junk that you never use anyway.

Rent Something

We live in a brave new world people – you can easily rent out that spare room that you have in your place. Don’t want a full time roomie? No problem – AirBnB it. Got a parking spot that came with your apartment but no car to put there? There are people who will pay good money to rent that spot from you.

Heck, even if you have neither of those things, if you have other stuff you don’t use all the time like power tools, they can be rented out also and you can make some good money doing it.

Bottom Line

Look folks, the sky’s the limit here. You have no excuses available for why you can’t make yourself some extra green on the side. It’s all a matter of using your noggin and getting yourself to work on making your dreams come true.


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