5 Ways Jobs are Killing You

by Eric Hammer on January 20, 2016

You’ve seen me use the acronym J.O.B. before – Just Over Broke because it’s so true – a job is a way to stay at the same level and never break out of the rat race. It’s the sort of thing that many people think is the only way to do things. Well I’m here to tell you the truth people – jobs suck! Here’s why:

A Word of Caution

Okay, I know you’re all used to me being mildly sarcastic here but I need to say something from the get go. I’m not telling you to walk into your boss’ office and say “I quit” right now. I’m telling you to think long term about a way to break free of the middle class mentality so that you can end up being rich instead of another mindless worker bee.

Now, that said, here’s why jobs suck and you should be making long term plans to earn a living a different way:

You’re Making Someone Else Rich

Unless you’re the boss, ultimately, your job is to make someone else money so he or she can pay you a little something and then keep the rest for themselves. That’s capitalism at its finest people. It’s the way our country has always worked – someone takes a risk and builds a business and others who aren’t willing or able to take risks take a nice, safe job and work for them.

The thing is, if you’re helping someone else fulfill their dreams then you’re by definition not busy working on your own dreams. All you’re doing is paying into the system and perpetuating the J.O.B. situation you’ve always found yourself in.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

If you’ve spent any time at all following the presidential debates then you know that income inequality is a hot button topic these days. To hear Bernie Sanders tell it, the rich are a bunch of lying thieves who don’t want to pay their fair share and who are ripping off the American public. Okay, he’s nicer about it than all that but you get the idea.

Considering that I consider myself one of those people Bernie hates, I’m not going to discuss the politics of what he has to say. But I will tell you this: he’s right about taxes. The fact of the matter is that we all have to pay income tax. It’s a fact of life just like death. However, not all income taxes are created equal.

Earned income, meaning that paycheck you blow at Happy Hour every two weeks is taxed at the highest levels of any kind of income tax. Capital gains tax by comparison has a lower tax rate.

Oh and by the way, I know someone is out there saying that Uncle Sam is going to tax me twice because I pay taxes on any money in my stock portfolio. Sorry folks but it doesn’t work that way – capital gains is named that for a reason. The taxes are on what you gain. Lost money? Sucks for you but Uncle Sam is sympathetic and he’ll let you write off your losses and offset it against any taxes you do owe.

The I Hate My Job Mentality

We all do it – stick with a crappy job just because it pays the bills. Or worse, because it has good health insurance. Do you really want to be miserable the rest of your life and then retire on a pittance? Don’t you want to finally break free and be your own person? You’re an American damnit! This is the land of hard work and bravery, not of being safe and keeping your head down.

Your Mentality Is Wrong

If you look at people who are truly wealthy, virtually none of them works in a regular job. They understand that it takes a certain amount of bravery and gumption to get out there and make America work for them. A job forces you into the mentality of playing it safe instead of taking the kind of risks that will get you out of the rat race.

It Can Be Bad for Your Health

The American work ethic is amazing. We’re all so afraid to lose our jobs that we work extra hours and we don’t take vacation time. That puts your health at risk and means that you’re more likely to be stressing yourself out because of the job.

Put yourself first for a change. Sure you could end up being fired but you know what? In this economy, which is now in full recovery mode, starting your own business on the side is no longer such a hard thing to do.

Go out there and live your dreams people!

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