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For all of my bluster here at Wealth Kept, I tend to be a pretty honest guy. No really – you see years ago, I was struggling to earn a living and drowning in debts. I was a pretty godawful mess and decided I had to do something about. I started interviewing for sales jobs even though I had zero experience doing it. One of the jobs I interviewed for was selling payday loans on the phone. More about that in a bit. Now as someone who was struggling to make ends meet, I figured a payday loan sounded like … Read More >

When you think about college students who graduate with student loans, what comes to your mind is probably young people who came from lower income and middle class families and couldn’t get enough merit or financial aid to cover their tuition and expenses. But it turns out that a lot of people have student debt – including NFL football players. According to a USA Today story, Ryan Schrader is one example of a professional athlete who graduated with student debt. The Atllanta Falcon’s right tackle recently signed a five year extension to his contract for $33 million. You’d think he … Read More >

One of the best ways to get out of the rat race is working from home. Next time you’re stuck in traffic on your commute, think about it—you could be making the same amount of money in the comfort of your own home. Sitting in traffic isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. As exciting as the idea of working from home is, most people are too scared to try it. They believe they can’t leave their “day jobs” until they have another steady source of income—but are left too drained by those “day jobs” to even start working on … Read More >

credit cards suck

Still stuck in the trap of credit cards? Think that it’s no big deal to carry a balance on your credit card? Yeah – the credit card companies see the word sucker written a ll over your bills. Here’s the truth about credit cards, the stuff they don’t want you to know: Interest is Compounded Daily Yes, you read that right. It’s not even a secret if you take the time to actually read all that small print (go get yourself a magnifying glass if you need it – it’s important, or don’t you care about your money?). According to … Read More >

Will Your Job Ever Make You Rich?

by admin on December 17, 2015

  You probably read blogs like Mr. Money Mustache that say the best way to get rich is by saving money. I believe that’s so wrong it makes me laugh. The thought that saving money is “wiser” than making more money or borrowing the “right” kind of money… wow. That’s like saying braking during a race is more important than accelerating. If you have massive brakes but a tiny engine, you’ll never win.   You Can Make Good Money but You’ll Never Become Rich Now, I enjoy the Mr. Money Mustache blog. I would even say I’m a quasi-Mustachian. But … Read More >

  We’re taught in life that the harder we work, the better off we’ll be. “The grind” people call it. We’re told that the amount of time we work will always correlate with our income. And therein lies the problem. Don’t get me wrong. Hard work is necessary in life. But time spent and pay received does not correlate as a perfect ratio. Most people never wrap their heads around the idea of passive income. “Sounds lazy.” someone may retort at a dinner party. But true investors know the value of passive income. In fact, without passive income, you can’t … Read More >

    We need it, we think about it, some might even salivate over it. So why is it then, when we utter the dreaded m-word, it makes us want to crawl under a rock, never to be heard of again? Being open about money doesn’t necessarily mean going out and sharing in detail how much you make and what you spend on to everyone you meet down the street. Certainly not. It’s more about what gives us the heebie jeebies when it comes to talking about money with friends and family. Take Kate Dore, blogger from Cashville Skyline. She … Read More >

      As you might already know, the point of this blog is to help you become more financially aware so you work less and earn more, pay less in taxes and increase your net worth quickly and easily. Towards that end, I would like to share a couple of anecdotes with you every now and then since nothing can ways the message better than telling a story because as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. So let me paint a really interesting and thought-provoking picture for you. I have a really good friend of mine who … Read More >

  According to the Cato Institute, 80% of millionaires in the US are first-generation millionaires. That means they did not inherit their wealth… they earned it. This post will share stories and examples of how real people create real wealth. If anything mentioned here seems far fetched to you, I invite you to find millionaires you can speak with one-on-one. See what they are doing. Chances are, they are first generation millionaires with profound insight. I’ve become pretty interested in becoming rich myself. It’s led me to talk with many rich people, watch YouTube videos about the wealthy, read articles … Read More >

Can You Be Affluent If You Earn Only The Median Income

  Have you heard of Ronald Read? He was a gas station attendant, and later a part-time janitor. He didn’t make much his entire life. He drove an old car and was often seen wearing tattered clothes. But Read had a secret. Instead of spending the modest amount of money he made, he invested it. He enjoyed putting his money into dividend producing stocks. Oh, and he died a multimillionaire at the age of 92. Want to know Read’s other secret? While not the norm, his story isn’t impossible.   Why? Because being wealthy isn’t all about how much you … Read More >