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You might think that after everything I say here that keeping money in a bank account would be the last thing I’d recommend. After all – bank accounts typically can’t even keep up with inflation and that’s when they do offer you interest at all. But I’ve got to tell you – I do keep some money in a bank account and as dumb as it may sound at first, so should you. It’s Not an Investment Okay, let’s get this out of the way: Don’t think of a bank account as a place to make money. It’s not. Bank … Read More >

  The audience here tends to skew younger I think so this may not interest all of our readers. But I say, too dam* bad. There are people in crisis here and they need to know what to do! Never mind that all you 20 and 30 somethings are likely to have a midlife crisis at some point in your lives. So let’s get this on – what the heck is a midlife crisis anyway and why do you need to plan for it? The Midlife Crisis is Ready to Have Its Own Midlife Crisis The whole idea of a … Read More >

Ah…the dream. To retire at 35 years old and have your whole life ahead of you instead of being a geriatric trying to recapture his or her youth. Many people think it’s simply not possible. How can you amass enough money in such a short period of time to live off of for the rest of your life? It is possible and not even all that hard. You just have to change your thinking. You’re Not Winning the Lottery First things first, this isn’t about some ridiculous fantasy where you win the lottery or you somehow magically get in on … Read More >

Regular readers of Wealth Kept know that we’re big fans of people like Robert Kyosaki. This is a man who came from very modest beginnings and built a wealth empire for himself. His detractors would have you believe that he came to this wealth through the old Amway network. But you know what? There’s a whole lot more to it than that. To Be Fair… Okay, let’s be fair and admit that a chunk of Robert’s wealth does indeed come from selling the proverbial shovel. During the Gold Rush of 1848, millions of people raced to California to dig for … Read More >

Banks. They’re a necessary evil but these days, it seems more and more like they’re just out to rip off the American public. They make Washington politicians look honest by comparison with the insane fees they levy against you. Here are the top five things that your banker desperately hopes you never find out about: They Maximize Fees Do you really think that your bank can afford to maintain your checking account with interest and not have a minimum required deposit? Banks traditionally made their money by taking your money, giving you a pittance of an interest rate and then … Read More >

The answer to the above question is no. And yes. Listen folks, I come from the apathetic Generation X. We believed the whole world was screwed up back in the 1980s but at least we kinda sorta felt like we’d do better than our parents did. After all, how could anyone possibly do worse than disco pants and bell bottoms? I mean seriously what were they thinking?? Okay, let’s be a bit more serious for a moment. Millennials, the Americans who are just coming into their own and who are now getting into the work force do face a lot … Read More >

So did you buy yourself a shiny new Amazon Echo after I mentioned it in a previous article? Congratulations – you may very well have helped keep some older American’s roof over their head. Welcome to the crazy world we live in – where seniors make ends meet by doing menial work in fulfillment centers. The fact is that you are extremely likely to be stuck working into your 70s and beyond. Here’s what’s broken with our system and how you can get out of the rat race: Job Security? What’s That? Back when I was a kid, I was … Read More >

  Ah yes, the monthly right of paying the bills. It’s a foil for every single sitcom out there, whether about poor, working class people or rich people who suddenly discover that bathing in Evian is a waste of money. The thing is, there’s a good reason why you get all twisted up inside when you get your monthly bills in the mail – it’s because you have the good ‘ol J.O.B. mentality. Take Charge of Your Bills for a Change I recently got a bill for $13.43 from a phone company whose service sucked. I cancelled the service and … Read More >

I know what you’re thinking – they’re engaging in scare mongering tactics! It’s like a Donald Trump rally here where immigrants are stealing all the good jobs. Well, it ain’t quite that bad if you happen to have certain skills. However, if you’re like lots of Americans who just have an ordinary J.O.B., you may want to look into something else. It is after all a J.O.B. Unless your day job is something like mine, where you work in sales and your salary is largely based on how good you are at your job, you are still in the wrong … Read More >

  To hear Bernie and even Hillary tell it, we all must get college degrees or else. The or else what is not really specified but it sounds like it’s really bad if you don’t get a degree. Sorry folks but I’m here to call bull**** on that common trope. Do you need a college degree for certain things? Sure you do. But there are lots of ways to succeed in life without one too. Lots of Successful People Didn’t Get a Degree It’s likely that you already know that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft was a Harvard drop … Read More >