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Travel to certain places in the world and speak with an American accent and see what happens. You’ll have throngs of people with their hands out because they think every American is super wealthy. Hah! Fat lot they know – the fact is that about half of us just barely get by, living paycheck to paycheck and praying that the car doesn’t break down and that we don’t lose our jobs. So why is it that we live paycheck to paycheck and what can we do about it? Even the ‘Rich’ Often Live Paycheck to Paycheck A while back I … Read More >

My dad always used to say, for a dollar it’s worth it to dream once in a while. But now that Powerball costs two bucks, maybe the deal is off and it’s not worth buying a ticket anymore. The truth is though, buying a ticket for the lottery has always been a fool’s game unless you do it for the reasons my dad used to say (and even then, it’s not really worth it). Here’s why buying lottery tickets is a sucker’s bet: You Have a Better Chance of Being Struck by Lightning Know anyone who has been struck by … Read More >

I’ve always loved playing Monopoly. Mostly because I always seem to win – hey, I’m ruthless when it comes to the game and I take no prisoners. But what’s really interesting about Monopoly is not just the fact that it’s a really fun game where you get to crush your friends’ dreams of owning Boardwalk and Park Place but also the fact that it teaches you about personal finance. Trade Houses for Hotels and Get the Big Money The first lesson I draw, which admittedly is not necessarily the lesson that many others would draw is that trading up is … Read More >

5 Ways Jobs are Killing You

by Eric Hammer on January 20, 2016

You’ve seen me use the acronym J.O.B. before – Just Over Broke because it’s so true – a job is a way to stay at the same level and never break out of the rat race. It’s the sort of thing that many people think is the only way to do things. Well I’m here to tell you the truth people – jobs suck! Here’s why: A Word of Caution Okay, I know you’re all used to me being mildly sarcastic here but I need to say something from the get go. I’m not telling you to walk into your … Read More >

Yeah, I know – everyone hates those words – save money. It’s kind of like writing – I hate writing but love having written. You hate saving money but love having saved. In other words, I don’t want to go without my morning latte even though I know I can save a few bucks so don’t make me do it. I’m warning you – hands off my latte! Don’t worry – I love my morning latte too. These however are 10 fairy painless ways to save some money: Go Energy Efficient I wrote in the past about my friend Bruce, … Read More >

  Ah, the age old problem – how to get more moolah in your pocket. It’s a quandary. Sure in the long term you can invest and eventually start to make more money. But what if you need a cash injection in the short term? What if you don’t have the money to invest? What if you’re staring at your screen and screaming, “show me the money!!!!” Here are five of the easiest ways to make extra cash on the side (and don’t worry – they’re all legal. I’m not telling you to print money in your basement or pull … Read More >

I remember 10 years ago when I moved to Ohio I bought myself a used Lincoln Town Car. I loved that car – leather, heated seats, wood veneer on the dash, smooth ride. It was awesome. It also ended up costing me well over $3,000 out of pocket in the one year I owned it before moving back to New York (where I now have a whole fleet at my disposal, courtesy of the MTA – hey if it’s good enough for Mike Bloomberg, it’s good enough for me). How did this happen? I’ve got two words for you my … Read More >

  It always amazes me how silly some otherwise seemingly smart people are. I mean really, are they trying to waste money and time and spend the rest of their lives in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) situation? Don’t they want to find a way to get out of the rat race and be the guy putting the cheese into the maze instead of the rat trying to find the cheese? Here are five things people with low financial IQ are doing wrong and what they can do to fix them: They Don’t Make Their Money Work for Them Do … Read More >