What They Will Never Teach You In School…

            As you might already know, I am a proponent of financial freedom & the ability to have the lifestyle you want.
Over the past couple of weeks, I have been receiving many emails.  Many of my students ask me “Why is financial independence important at all”? They argue that if they have a decent job, they are getting a paycheck every month. If they love their work, they are technically getting paid to do what they love. This means that their work isn’t really work - it’s their passion. Read More

The Simple Truth: There Are 3 Types Of Income

I am very confident this post will give you many Eureka moments because it talks about things most people aren’t aware of. Also, if you really pay attention, the content of this email will keep you up at night for at least the next 2-3 days (in a good way of course). See, if you are in the middle class, the only type of income you might have heard of is “salary” or “commissions” or “part time wages”. You wouldn’t have heard of people making money through dividends, royalties, rent etc. Read More

5 Ways to Build Passive Income

            After buying everything for Christmas, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to find a better way to make some green. I mean yeah, I make a good living (though when my office just moved to a new location and I wasted $40 on cab fare getting to and from the office because I couldn’t figure out how to get there on the subway, it feels kinda pointless) but I could still <a href="">use some income I don’t have to work for</a>.</p><h2>So Just what is Passive Income?</h2><p>I find this particularly amusing. You see, whenever I write an article for Wealth Kept, I do some research t
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5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Yap Shut if you’re Rich

            For all that our future president loves to show off, the vast majority of people who are super wealthy are people you probably have never heard of. Know why? Because most rich people know that it’s better not to be a dam* loudmouth about their money. The fact is that while there are plenty of very showy people who have lots of money, <a href="">most are people you have never heard of</a>.</p><h2>George Soros and Influence</h2><p>Okay, so if you’re a political and news junky like me, you’ve <a href="
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You Are a Financial Fool If You Do These Seven Things

            Look, I get it – you feel like you’re in control of your finances and you think that you understand everything. You’re the king of the friggin’ world. Yeah, and I’m Donald Trump. Not. The fact is that we all do financially stupid things at one point or another; but if you do all seven of these things then you are indeed the king – the king of the financial fools.

Living Beyond Your Means

Hey, I get it – you want to keep up with the Joneses. Well good for you. You go and piss away your future just so you can have a Read More