Cheap Vs Frugal – Who the Hell Is Right?

            I wear a Rolex watch and dress in smart clothing from the likes of Zegna, Armani, Canali and Hickey Freeman. I know that this description probably doesn’t sound like someone who is frugal, though it maybe sounds like a douche who likes to show off. The truth is though, I’m both – I am frugal and yeah, I do like to show off. I’m just not cheap.
Now I know what you’re thinking – frugal is just a nice way to say cheap. As in, he squeezes a nickel so hard the Indian cries (old joke but you get the idea, or maybe you don’t – in Read More

5 Reasons why the Economic Center of the World is Moving East

            To hear our future president tell it, China is the big bad wolf in the room. In fact, there is a whole meme of <a href="">Donald Trump saying nothing but China</a>. But is China really rising? Are we all doomed to speak Mandarin? Will the Statue of Liberty be relocated soon to the South China Sea? Well, not really. Though a whole heck of a lot of is happening when it comes to the Chinese and the East in general.</p><h2>They’ve Got a Lot of People. I Mean a Lot of Them</h2><p>The first thing to realize about China and the eastern countries in general (there are actually four countries that 
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Nine Things Rich People Do that the Average Joe Is Clueless About

            So you want to be rich huh? Fat chance. No, literally, fat chance. Turns out that one of the many things rich people know that the average Joe is clueless about is the fact that junk food is a killer. Who knew? That Big Mac might taste good but it’s holding your wallet back too. Must be a conspiracy of the rich to keep the poor suckers down, huh? But seriously, you wanna be rich? Check out my advice:</p><h2>Quit the Crap Fest</h2><p><a href="">Turns out that 70% of rich people tend to avoid junk food like the plague</a>. One of the reasons is that junk food dulls your se
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Why You’re Not Rich – The Three Types of Income

            Let’s face it – if you’re reading this blog then it’s likely that you’re not rich yet. Unless of course you are our president-Elect. Considering how often I write about Mr. Trump, I like to think he drops by to see what all the fuss is about. <a href="">Hey Mr. President-elect, good luck in the White House</a>. Do us all proud and show us that the far left was wrong.
But I digress. You wanted to know why you’re not rich. There’s a very simple reason for that: because you make your money in a lousy J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). Read More

Can Donald Trump Really Bring Back Lost Jobs?

            So the impossible has happened – the Donald will be our 45<sup>th</sup> president. Congrats Donald – you beat back the odds yet again and managed to win the White House. Now, about those promises you made on the campaign trail – you know, all those jobs you promised were coming back? Uhm, how is that’s going so far?</p><h2>Trump the Negotiator</h2><p>Let’s get one thing very clear – Donald Trump <a href="">himself has admitted that his campaign promises aren’t real promises</a> – he’s not some insane nut jo
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