Can You Achieve Financial Independence Working For Someone Else?

Our schools (and most parents) have programmed us from the very beginning to work for someone else.

If you look at the education schools impart, you will see a pattern emerge: Get good grades so you could get a good job with a renowned corporation.

Sometimes I feel that schools teach students about everything under the sun except for two areas, which in my opinion are not only necessary but required to keep the economy flourishing:

  • Money and finances – so people can stay away from bad debt & reach financial independence soon
  • Entrepreneurship – so more jobs can be created for the masses

So where do people go in order to learn about these two fields?

They use the web, sign up for seminars and conferences. If they happen to come from wealthy and established families, this information is taught at home without fail.

So by design, the schooling system deprives the public of this essential knowledge.

I could venture many reasons as to why the education system is setup in this manner, but doing so would not fulfill any purpose.

The biggest reason most people are not able to achieve financial independence is b


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