Yasir has helped me understand what I want from life and has helped me get on the path of it… I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Eduardo (Mover)

I was wasting time on Facebook and I saw Yasir’s ad. I signed up for the Mastery program and I can now see how many years I have wasted doing NOTHING… (I am 48) … I am a little angry with my self because I am still at my dead end job. BUT NOW I AM MAKING A CHANGE. I have my side hussle now and in 4 months I will tell my Boss I am leaving the job… Yasir I want to thank you for giving me wisdom…

Patrick (IT Professional)

haha getting your emails and watching your videos gives me so much happiness you have no idea!!!! I am a mom of 3 and I was really depressed after my 3rd child was born because we didn’t have money and we were just scrimping by… I am now in the 4th month of your program and we have already cut down on our expenses & my husband has started his own side business on peopleperhour.com – its not much… he makes $300 a month from it BUT WHO CARES! I FEEL HOPEFUL!

Nina (Housewife)