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Andy J.

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Mustafa W.

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“Yasir you are a godsend – I lost my job In Dec and was having very dark thoughts thinking about the “little money I had left before I went under… I went through your content and bought a duplex for 120k and sold my 4 bedroom house for 190k. I now have a tenant in 1 unit and I live in another (I am 40 and single so I like it). The best part is that THE DUPLEX PAYS FOR ITSELF SO I AM LIVING FOR FREE!!!”
Customer Support Rep
Joseph H.

“Yasir my man your content is gooooooood! If you rememeber ive been on your program for 7 months now and I decided to do sth about what you teach. Man I hate my boss and I hate waking up in the morning to run to work… so I quit… why? *drum roll* because I created a membership program which helps people understand how to stay fit. I have 321 people paying me $9.99 a month – you do the math.”
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Gabriel J.

“Dear Yasir,This was extremely engaging and educational! I have always seen discussions on passive income, but none of them had well thought out ideas like WealthKept’s. I could really see myself succeeding in life financially now that I know exactly how to start investing in passive income instruments and to build a better future for myself. Yasir speaks about how owning a home and living in it will make you even more poor when compared to turning it into a rental property and earning passive income from it. That’s mind-blowing! I always saw how my family members worked for multiple decades and they struggle financially when they retire. That won’t happen to me for sure and Yasir’s guide is an important resource that I will use to guarantee that.”
Customer Support Rep
Romaine Piper

“Hi Yasir im James 45 years old and getting tired of the grind. I read your material and took out my 200k savings from my stock portfolio and bought 1 townhouse which cashflows me $300 every month. I also bought dividend stocks which pay me $211 every month – not a lot i know but it is a start. thank you.”
James H.

“Yasir man this seems unreal.. I convinced my parents to take out 230k from their 401k and the stock market and got a real estate agent to get me properties 45 min from the city (I am in Chicago)… I was able to get my hands on 4 rental units for cheap (motivated sellers). Theyre now rented out for a profit of $450 each so its $1800 of free money coming in every month!!!!”
HVAC Company Onwner
Aaron C.

“I am a little stunned to write this but I just had my first dividend check come in. Canadian Utilities (CU.TO), $1,193.52. And the stock went up by 5$. Thank you for opening an entire new world for me!”
Cobey Z.