[5/5] The secret behind ALL wealth.

Part 5 of 5 -The Secret Behind ALL Wealth

Hello my friend,

Today we are going to talk about something spectacular. 

Something which has the power to make literally anyone rich beyond their wildest dreams. 

Something which has been directly responsible for the countless “rags to riches” stories that you keep hearing of.

(No, I’m not talking about winning Lotto 649).

And yes, this is the exact same thing which has allowed me to turn a measly sum of $200 to a grand total of $2.5 million dollars through (mostly) passive income.

I’m talking about financial intelligence.

Financial intelligence is all about:- Finding ways to boost your income – Finding ways to kill your expenses without sacrificing your lifestyle – Finding creative ways to investing the difference to bring in a windfall of income – Finding ways to pay little to no tax (legally, of course) so you can bank more money – Using other people’s money and talents to become wealthy in a few short years Now, you might think there’s no way this is possible, but keep reading and I will show you how it is done. 

Financial intelligence revolves around a very simple but belief-shaking mantra:

It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep at the end of the year, how hard that money works for you and how long that money stays with you…

I want you to stop right now…

Seriously, stop.

Read the above statement 3 more times.

Then write it down on a piece of paper and pin it to your bedroom wall, so you can read it every single day…

I am going to hammer this home because it really is that important.

Let’s assume there are 2 people, Jack and Steve.

Both of them are Engineers at a multi-national firm and are living the good life.

They each bring in $100K every year.

However, Jack saves $35K every year by keeping his expenses low, not buying BWMs and Aston Martins, keeping his pub nights in control etc. and invests this money for passive income.

Steve on the other hand likes the not-so-affordable “luxuries of life” (“because I work hard and I deserve it”), habitually goes on a shopping spree (“Man those Magnanni shoes are nice – take my $500!”), loves eating out and frankly couldn’t care less about saving money. 

He is still able to save $10K every year.

In this case, Jack is far more financially intelligent than Steve – there simply is no question about it.


Because Jack actually cares about how he uses (or abuses) his money. 

He is mindful of it. 

Steve is clueless about all of this, a price which he will definitely pay for decades to come.

If Jack continues the way he is going, in 3-5 years he will be financially free and will be living off passive income checks every single month. 

So yes, he will be a lot like our dear friend (and celebrity) John D. Rockefeller here:

Steve on the other hand will keep slaving away till his late 60s (or late 70s the way things are turning out in the western world), not really understanding how the “Game of Wealth” is really played.

He will work hard for the man (or woman) but still wonder what happened to all the money he made as he gets close to those dreaded years of retirement. 

Long story short, Jack is able to buy his freedom relatively early (and easily).

Steve simply has no concept of “freedom” because he thinks working 9-5 till the age of 70 is “normal” and is hard-wired to follow the status quo.

Chances are, Steve’s parents followed the crowd and instilled the same undying (but self-destructive) values in their beloved son.

If you can relate to Steve in this scenario, I can understand.

You aren’t the only one – in fact, 97% of people on Earth act like Steve without ever realizing it (i.e. dangerously close to complete and utter financial ruin).

The blissful news here is that you can become a “Jack” anytime you want.

Remember, becoming financially intelligent is a skill and just like any other skills (being good with women, knowing your wines, buying clothes that fit, being a great conversationalist, winning friends and influencing people), it can be learned. 

That said, if you want to become insanely wealthy, I want you to absorb the statement below and take the time to actually understand what it means:

See, Andrew Carnegie was a multi-billionaire of the last century and had a net worth of $309 billion dollars in 2019 dollars.

He was an industrialist. 

He was a great communicator.

He was an alchemist. 

But what he really was, was financially intelligent. 

He hired thousands of people to work hard to carve out his special empire… so he didn’t have to. 

He also other people’s money to create his vast fortune.

It would pay (literally of course) to act like Mr. Carnegie.

If you want to live a life of total freedom so money stops ever being an issues for you, I would humbly ask you to read this post again in complete silence, with zero distractions…


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