Testimonial 14

I am a little stunned to write this but I just had my first dividend check come in. Canadian Utilities (CU.TO), $1,193.52. And the stock went up by 5$. Thank you for opening an entire new world for me! – Cobey Z. (Student)

Testimonial 12

Hi Yasir im James 45 years old and getting tired of the grind. I read your material and took out my 200k savings from my stock portfolio and bought 1 townhouse which cashflows me $300 every month. I also bought dividend stocks which pay me $211 every month – not a lot i know but […]

Testimonial 8

My husband has started freelancing on peopleperhour.com – its not much… he makes $300 a month from it BUT WHO CARES! I FEEL HOPEFUL! – NINA (HOUSEWIFE)

Testimonial 7

Moved 40k into a dividend stock and received $665.41 in quarterly payment on April 3!!! Yasir thank you for opening my eyes. I can write you a review if you like because this will help pay for my daughters expenses. – PATRICK (IT PROFESSIONAL)

Testimonial 6

After going through your program I bought 2 properties outside my city and rented them out for a total cashflow of $450 per month!!! This is free money for me… I can’t thank you enough!!!! – EDUARDO (Mover)